Brooke Butler Full Of Sass

Models, Photography, Photoshoot
I've known Miss Butler for a long time. I love her dearly, so when she came to the area I high tailed¬† my ass to her and of course took some pictures. We hung out in D.C., got caught in a crazy rain and wind storm and ate drank and were very merry. Miss Butler and I have shared many adventures together. Shes one of my favorite girls to get into trouble with!  
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Mylan LaRue

Models, Photoshoot
Shes so much fun to shoot. A great day of amazing photos. More on her site [caption id="attachment_779" align="aligncenter" width="200"] Mylan LaRue[/caption]
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Cancellation Policy Update

Photography, Photoshoot
I know things happen and that at times people have to cancel photo-shoots. I've always tried to be accommodating and understanding of life's little twists and turns. Sadly advantage of my time has been taken and i will not longer be forgoing deposits for new clients. My scheduling policy will require a 50.00 deposit to reserve a slot for a shoot for new clients. The deposit is non refundable and will be applied to your shoot. If you cancel or no show your deposit will be forfeited. If you need to reschedule and do so within a month of your cancellation the deposit will be applied to your next shoot. I really wish i didn't have to do this but business is business and its a better policy then raising…
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