Tips for non-models

I shoot all kinds of models not just escorts (though that’s what this site is mostly aimed at) Having been on the other side of the camera I understand it can be confusing and often stressful especially if you are not a professional model. You want to look your best and have have put your faith (not to mention cash) into the photographer you chose. You have looked over their portfolio and I know you are wondering how is that photographer going to make you look like those professional models they have in their book. Their not but likely if you chose wisely you will look your best.

Dont forget to smile

Here are some common sense things you can do to help get the best you can out of your shoot.

1. Be on time: if you make your photographer mad or irritate them before you shoot you wont get the best shots. Be on time, be nice it will go a very long way.

2. Arrive in loose fitting clothing:  You dont want elastic lines in your photos so wear loose clothes. You also don’t wanna have to pay extra for extra retouching because you showed up in something too tight that left marks that were visible in your shots.

3. Get a mani and a pedi before the shoot: Don’t show up with ratty nails. You can ruin a really awesome shoot with distracting ugly nails. Plus do you really think guys wanna pay hundreds of dollar an hour for a lady who cant keep her nails looking neat and sexy?

4. Opt for the professional make up and hair stylist if you can: It makes ALL the difference in the world. it doesn’t matter how good you think you are at putting on your make up you are not as good as a professional who does it for a living. you will not only look better but you will feel better and how you feel will show up in your shots.

5. Bring high heels: Don’t forget the shoes they can make or break a shot. Not only that wearing heels makes your ass look higher and tighter. Who doesn’t love that?

6. Get enough sleep the night before. If you have raccoon eyes no amount of professional make up work will help. Sure you can PAY for more retouching but odds are you will not only look tired but be feel tired and that will drag down your whole shoot. You’re paying for this make the most of it.

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