Updated Portfolios

I spent a little time and updated the portfolios with new photos. Mostly that means older work I did has been added. I didn’t realize how much i shoot the first 5 years, but i shot a lot of photos of some really fun girls and a few fun photos of some well… not so great girls. Though i learned something from every shoot, the good the bad and the well you know the rest. Check out the back catalog of my work from 2006-2011

Since moving to DC in late 2011 i haven’t shot as much. I’m not sure why this is but i haven’t been as motivated to shoot girls in lingerie in hotels which is mostly what my photo clients are looking for in a shoot. Though I’ll have a soft spot for a scantily clad girl in a hotel, it becomes less challenging as time goes by. Ive also updated my more current work portfolios with some of my favorite shoots. Not only have i been lucky enough to get some good work but the women ive been working with recently are just so much fun to work with. Which is an added bonus for little ole me.

To top it off i added a new portfolio of some of the music stuff ive shot. Granted its sparce because this is something i do only for fun and i tend not to share it with the masses, i usually keep it to myself.  I like to try to get a lot of motion in very low light. I think im pretty successful at it and yes… that is The Leif Garrett. 🙂