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Brooke Butler Full Of Sass

I’ve known Miss Butler for a long time. I love her dearly, so when she came to the area I high tailed  my ass to her and of course took some pictures. We hung out in D.C., got caught in a crazy rain and wind storm and ate drank and were very merry. Miss Butler and I have shared many adventures together. Shes one of my favorite girls to get into trouble with!


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Scarlett Rae

Scarlett Rae is hot. The end.


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Shooting in VA

A quick hop down to VA to shoot one of my favorite girls. So much fun and great shots!


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Mylan LaRue

Shes so much fun to shoot. A great day of amazing photos. More on her site

Mylan LaRue

Mylan LaRue

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Rates updated!

My rates and packages have been updated. No more cloak and dagger its all out in the open. You can no make an informed decision by comparing apples to apples with other photographers when it comes to price. My rates are reasonable and you get a lot for your money. I also turn photos around pretty quickly you will never have to wait months for a photo, thats just kinda crazy.  I will run specials from time to time, you just got to check back once in a while.


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Updated Portfolios

I spent a little time and updated the portfolios with new photos. Mostly that means older work I did has been added. I didn’t realize how much i shoot the first 5 years, but i shot a lot of photos of some really fun girls and a few fun photos of some well… not so great girls. Though i learned something from every shoot, the good the bad and the well you know the rest. Check out the back catalog of my work from 2006-2011

Since moving to DC in late 2011 i haven’t shot as much. I’m not sure why this is but i haven’t been as motivated to shoot girls in lingerie in hotels which is mostly what my photo clients are looking for in a shoot. Though I’ll have a soft spot for a scantily clad girl in a hotel, it becomes less challenging as time goes by. Ive also updated my more current work portfolios with some of my favorite shoots. Not only have i been lucky enough to get some good work but the women ive been working with recently are just so much fun to work with. Which is an added bonus for little ole me.

To top it off i added a new portfolio of some of the music stuff ive shot. Granted its sparce because this is something i do only for fun and i tend not to share it with the masses, i usually keep it to myself.  I like to try to get a lot of motion in very low light. I think im pretty successful at it and yes… that is The Leif Garrett. 🙂


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Cancellation Policy Update

I know things happen and that at times people have to cancel photo-shoots. I’ve always tried to be accommodating and understanding of life’s little twists and turns. Sadly advantage of my time has been taken and i will not longer be forgoing deposits for new clients. My scheduling policy will require a 50.00 deposit to reserve a slot for a shoot for new clients. The deposit is non refundable and will be applied to your shoot. If you cancel or no show your deposit will be forfeited. If you need to reschedule and do so within a month of your cancellation the deposit will be applied to your next shoot.

I really wish i didn’t have to do this but business is business and its a better policy then raising my already reasonable rates.

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Moving to Washington DC

I will be relocating to Washington DC and will be set up there to do photoshoots before the end of 2011. I’m really looking forward to living across the country and all the DC and the surrounding areas have to offer. I’m also looking forward to getting my lens on all the lovely ladies of the area who so badly need some new fresh photography. Plus added bonus, i wont try to get you to blow me for photos ( like SOME) i take payment in actual money 😉



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New Look

Well after being offline for a while while i rethought this site i finally had the time to update it with a new look and feel. Ive trimmed the galleries into just a few. Previous work, current work and published work.

You really should check out the current work, of which more will be added soon. I don’t like to reveal shots until the ladies I’ve shot have made their photos public so keep your eyes out more is coming soon.


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Free Photo Shoots For All My friends

No its not a joke, I’m going to be giving away free photoshoots. I’d prefer to give them away to those who really need them. Ladies (or gents) who either have been having a really hard time scraping up the cash to fork out for a pro-shoot or those that have been ripped off by some unscrupulous photographer. Call it one of the ways I’m trying to give back to my community.

The catch? You have to let me shoot a few shots of you for a personal art project, that I will need a release for. Don’t forget I’m based in LA and likely wont be traveling, so if you’re in the area, going to be in the area or can get to the area then you should. a pretty easy catch. If you’re interested drop me a note. (

Oh and i don’t care if you are skinny, BBW, Male, Female, trans,  short, tall, show your face or dont show your face. Just as long as you are a sex worker (of any kind, from escort to PSO, from porn actor to Domme) and you are in need of a pro-shoot. My schedule is limited so the number of shoots i can give away will depend a lot of scheduling issues.

Self Portrait

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