Free Photo Shoots For All My friends

No its not a joke, I’m going to be giving away free photoshoots. I’d prefer to give them away to those who really need them. Ladies (or gents) who either have been having a really hard time scraping up the cash to fork out for a pro-shoot or those that have been ripped off by some unscrupulous photographer. Call it one of the ways I’m trying to give back to my community.

The catch? You have to let me shoot a few shots of you for a personal art project, that I will need a release for. Don’t forget I’m based in LA and likely wont be traveling, so if you’re in the area, going to be in the area or can get to the area then you should. a pretty easy catch. If you’re interested drop me a note. (

Oh and i don’t care if you are skinny, BBW, Male, Female, trans,  short, tall, show your face or dont show your face. Just as long as you are a sex worker (of any kind, from escort to PSO, from porn actor to Domme) and you are in need of a pro-shoot. My schedule is limited so the number of shoots i can give away will depend a lot of scheduling issues.

Self Portrait

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